February 1, 2012


Thankyou ...
For all the wonderful comments on my last blogpost...
they were all very much needed...
so thanks for all the support and understanding
you all have a very special place in my heart!
(some of you I couldnt get into contact with ...
 so if you didnt get an email from me, check your settings)

Life still goes on here...SLOW...
both in mind and body... 
nothing revolutionary yet

but I got mail that made me SMILE lots...

You all know how much I love

This little beauty have changed from 
Sunny California 
to Snowy Sweden!!!

Dont you just love that verse!!!!

Do you think the quilt freezes????

This quilt will be very much loved
 and giving me sunshine forever!!

What a wonderful gift!!

she have instructions on how to make this quilt on her blog and a new one coming up later..:O))
Just a tip!!! :O)

Over and out from sleepy me and this tired dog!!!
See you!!


  1. Yes you will improve.....maybe a little spirituality with it...I promise you...:)

  2. Take comfort in the love of blogging friends and have faith that all will be well.
    What a lovely, kind and thoughtful gift and it looks very much at home there in the snow.

  3. The quilt is so nice and your photos are just lovely.Wish you the best.

  4. You'll feel better in no time! Sorry to learn you've been unwell, but now you know what it is and they'll take care of it. The photos you included in your previous post are absolutely gorgeous. They could be made into a calendar!

  5. Such a sweet and beautiful gift for you from your friend.

    Wishing you well.

    Big hugs,

  6. this sunny california girl is freezing just looking at the pictures! i'm sure the little quilt will adjust to the new climate... i like it when friends are smiling cheri

  7. Dear Stina, I hope you feel better soon. You are always a ray of sunshine around blogland! At least you are diagnosed and now can make some progress. How sweet of Cheri to send you a quilt! And how darling it is! And in your pink colors! She knows what you like!
    Do you mind if I pin a couple pictures from your blog on Pinterest?

  8. I have missed reading your blog and seeing your beautiful work on a regular basis {your blog was the first blog I discovered in blogland.} I am happy that you now know why you have been feeling poorly and hope you will feel better soon. What a adorable little quilt and sentiment! Blessings!

  9. Hi Stine,
    Oh, that quilt is gorgeous. I don't think it will freeze in Sweden. It will be well-loved, and much appreciated in your house ;) :) Your dog is really sweet :) :) It almost looks like my dog Rosie :) Have a great week, Stine :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

    p.s. I'm going to check out your friend's sewing site.

  10. I saw on Cheri's blog that you had won the quilt. I left a comment that it was the perfect color for you.

  11. What an adorable quilt from your friend , it is definitely something to smile about. Hope things improve soon for you ,I am sure they will. Hugs Sheila

  12. What a beautiful quilt! You lucky girl :)
    I missed your last post, sorry to hear you have not been well :(
    At least you know now what the problem is, and on a mend soon!

  13. Hey Stina! Slow is a good pace for life to move sometimes to give your body time to catch up with all those plans you're making! :0) Sweet gifts from lovely friends will always make you feel better - enjoy and take a leaf out of Miss Molly's book! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  14. Hope your meds are starting to work & you will soon be back to normal :)...lovely quilt with a lovely saying

  15. hi stina!! :)
    as I have been a little blog absent lately, I just found out what was going on here
    hope everything turns to normal as soon as possible, as normal as possible
    it's not a good thing when your body says something you don't want to know; but you will find out "your way", slow for now, sounds fine
    ♥ love and kisses

  16. Hope you are feeling better. The days are getting longer and lighter.... Such pretty photos! Hang in there!

  17. Hi! Carol and I at TwoLuLa love to visit your blog. It is always so inspiring! We have given you the Versatile Blogger award. Please see our post at http://twolula.blogspot.com/2012/02/we-are-sooooo-excited.html



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