February 13, 2012

February sun and Manx...

hello everyone...

From my little corner of the world... 
the sun is getting warmer and warmer...
even manage to warm up the days a few degrees  at day..
and we sure have needed that .. have had very strong cold days
down to -34 C (-29 F)... brrr!
So lets say neither me or Molly have enjoyed our walks...!!!

But it gets prettier..:O)

Last week i got a most wonderful pink package from the
Isle of Mann
(maybe some of you remember my connection to the Isle of Mann,
 my ancestors were kings on the Island way way long time ago...:O))

So when I read on Janice blog back in december that they made some roses out of Manx tartan.. I knew I just had to have one..:O)

So I wrote Loulee at Manxgirl  and asked where to find the ROSE!!!!

And you can guess what happened.. she found one!!!
And this gift .. ahh.. it means so much to me...

ANd looki looki 
Its Pretty too..:O))

My Manx Tartan Rose... :O)

And to sweeten everything up...
she sent me a girly three legs
( Isle of Manns symbol,
 that travelled back to Norway with the vikings
 and then to Sweden... a little cut off.. 
two of the legs were taken off because off cruelty.. 
so our coat of arms just have one leg..:O))

Well well.. Im happy I live in these days...
and very very happy for 
my three legs!!!!

thankyou so very much for your wonderful gifts...
So so proud to have them!!! :O))

Love it!!!

Take care and thanks for all the wonderful emails and comments coming in...
making my days a little sunnier!!
Love to you!


  1. Glad to hear you are warming up in your part of the world. Your sweet rose is delightful. Loulee is so talented and generous.

  2. The Rose is so Cute and one to treasure...
    Lovely to hear from you hope you are much better.
    Take Care.

  3. Brrrr Stina - that's COLD!!! I'm glad it's warming up. Your new little rose is very pretty!

  4. Härligt att få ett livstecken från ditt hörn av världen så vi får se att ni inte fryser inne däruppe! Otroligt vacker bild från er kalla natur men vi är inte så långt efter här heller med -10 och strålande sol - och det är så vackert! Din ros är fantastisk!

  5. That is Cold... Brr I feel cold even thinking about it!
    Lovely gifts!

  6. the rose is very pretty. Glad it's warming up there I don't envy your winter.

  7. That is the prettiest tartan rose I've ever seen! Stay warm sweetie, not long too go and you'll be warm and I'll be cold.
    Jo from almost the South Pole

  8. You're welcome Stina. ((Hugs))

  9. Lovely tartan rose, Stina! We have here 'in the south' only -7, but the wind blows and it feels like -14. Happy Valentine's Day to you and keep yourself and Molly warm ;o)

  10. You sound a little more like yourself. Hope you feel a bit better. Love your little tartan rose, a very pretty and thoughtful gift. Stay warm.

  11. What lovely gifts.

    How are you doing? Have you had any more appointments and are you starting to feel better? I think of you often and hope that as the days get longer that you feel a little brighter :o) ((Hugs))

  12. I'm so pleased that you now have a Manx Tartan Rose as well. Isn't Lou a darling. I love your legs of Man as well. Nice things to cheer you in your cold winter. It is good to see that your days are starting to lengthen. Now they just need to warm up a bit for you.

  13. The rose is so sweet. Interesting about the legs!
    I just had to tell you that we had a family dinner the other night and I pulled out all the Valentine napkins that I created using your heart patterns. Made dinner extra special.

  14. Gratulerer så heldig du er :-)

  15. Love your tartan rose! And such sentimental value makes it all the sweeter! I am struggling with the three legged thing. (?)

  16. Hi from the Isle of man, I stumbled across your blog and thought I would say hi....Karen from purplecatscorner and the Isle of Man xx



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