March 3, 2012

Upcycling or recycling..:O)

Hello ...
March is here.. 
and believe me.. its like music in my ears..:O))

Still not doing anything in my sewing room...
still having trouble with my five minutes...
but it´s ok.. it will come!

Am finishing up things at my work instead...
started the yellow little bird last year...  
and decided it needed some friends for a tree this Easter...
These are so much fun to make.. even if I struggle.. they get done!!

Used left over cotton yarn!!
Its a pattern from Attic 24..
so easy and fun...

And these mittens I started a month ago and they are finally finished...
Using all small leftover yarns ...
and I think they really have some attitude....:o)
Love it when they aren´t the same!!

 And when going to bed the other week..
 I remembered I havent showed this lamp shade I made out of old bed linen...

and I must say I love the light and how the monogram

 shows up when the lamp is lit...

Sunnier days have arrived...
at least it feels like that..
not that cold either...

Could it be..
that spring is on it´s way????

OHOH.. I know ..lots of snowstorms is yet to come...
cold nights.. ...
more snow...

But on the almanack it says

And I love that!!
See you soon...

Some pincushions up for show soon...
is it someone else out there who made the 
Sew Sew Merry Christmas pincushion.. 
please email me and share pictures

so we can have a little show and tell..:O))

And another problem... 
I need help to solve.. 
all I can say is that Miss Molly Monster is involved!!!



  1. Love the mittens! our Swedish exchange student made me a pair from wool that felts. They are so cozy
    stay warm

  2. I saw on television the other day that wearing two different fancy socks was popular now. So must be the mittens.
    Nice seeing a post from you, Stina.

  3. I love the mittens what a great way to use up the leftover yarn .I also love the lampshade ,very creative use of the towel. I hope you get an early spring and things warm up for you , spring does seem to be much closer here now and the snow is almost gone , yeah! hugs Sheila

  4. Your lampshade is really nice, and so are your mittens and little chicks. It is so nice March is finally here, and the sun can warm us up a little :-)

  5. Så härliga inslag hos dig och glada vårfärger, som gör en lätt i sinnet.Visst händer det en hel del hos dig:-))
    Kram och sköt om dig.


  6. Vilket vackert inlägg som verkligen ger hopp om en ännu ljusare tid.I morse vad det ljust så tidigt.-vaknade vid 06.00 - tiden och dagen började att gry.En stillsam glädje fyllde mitt jag och ......ja dagen har fortsatt på det viset.
    Ditt inte vad det är men får googla..
    Ha en fin kväll och en skön söndag.

  7. Hallo! En liten hilsen fra Nordnorge:) Du har en flott blogg med mye flott håndarbeid. Dessuten elsker jeg de flotte naturbildene dine.

    Ha en fin kveld:)

  8. Du håller ju på med massor av saker och får dem färdiga också! Kanonskönt att höra att det blir lite då och då. Du har just givit mig den perfekta idén till mina lampskärmar som jag inte har kunnat bestämma mig för vad jag skulle göra med. Tusen tack - ska genast kolla in lagret av gamla ärvda lakan. Din skärm är så jättefin!
    Och du Stina - det är mars nu - och det är första vårmånaden!! Jippiee!

  9. You have been busy my friend. I love all of your finishes. Those birds are so cute. Love the mittens that don't match. My grandddaughter has socks like that. She never wears a pair that match!! Your lamp shade is lovely. As I said I love everything!!

  10. Love the things you're working on, Stina. I just love those birds :) Yes, they do remind me of spring. It's trying to burst forth here. It will come.

    Hope you are feeling better. So nice to see your blog again :)


  11. I love your birds! So lovely. I think spring must be on its way because March is feeling distinctly autumnal here in Melbourne, thank goodness! Can't wait for winter to be here! ( For us in Australia summer is the extreme season!) hope it warms up for you quickly!!!

  12. Hey Stina! Lovely to hear an update from your corner of Sweden! :0) All of your 'upcycled' projects are lovely ... I think it take more talent to re-use bits and bobs than it does to start with brand new materials ... your lamp shade from linen is particularly pretty - well done! :0) Uh oh! What's mischeiveous Miss Molly been up to now?! Keeping you on your toes I'd guess! Tee! Hee! Hee! Enjoy your weather warming up ... ours is cooling down and I am NOT looking forward to the cold ... SIGH!!! Maybe I need to knit some mittens! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  13. Stina, your fancy birds are so springy colorful! We love the imperfect things made of leftover materials too. :o)

  14. Så søte fugler! Og vottene ser deilige ut. Her er det også litt mer som vår - det er deilig.
    Stå på med dine 5 minutter :)

  15. Well done to you Stina for at least finishing off a few older items. Vefore you know it that old creative urge will spring back into action. Go with the flow still and let it be, you can do it. The sun will help. What has that naughty Molly been up to?

  16. Stina,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful,colorful projects. They always cheer me up !
    I am also waiting for the end of winter. Hope you are feeling better and back to creating soon.

  17. love your mittens and your lamp shade

  18. Misfit mittens--- Great idea!!!! Who needs the pressure of being alike, right?!?! You sound mroe and more like yourself. We got dumped on this week. 15 inches-- so thankful Don was home to deal with it so I didn't have to. two days later 6 more inches. Yep--- we have a ways to go before spring. My son graduates from college in May-- I need to get busy on him a quilt.... Keep smiling...Mel.

  19. I love your mittens and your little birds are very cute!

  20. Your pictures are always such a delight. Love the little birds and the lampshade is beautiful. I hope your days get better and better. You're right that March is an advent of spring to come. take care,
    sue in wisconsin

  21. YOu are so talented.
    I don't get as much snow as you, for sure, but I am looking forward to spring too so that I can get my garden going.

  22. Hi Stine, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  23. Your lampshade is so pretty! Love the birds, too. I'm a lurker--love your blog--and always enjoy when you do an update!



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