March 8, 2012

What did Molly do??

Ohhh.. that dog!!!! 

Well .. well.. 
Some snowy pics from my part of the world!!!

From a really really wonderful and pretty day ...
-16 C ( 3F) at morning...
Sun and blue skies...

Instagram pics... Taken with my iPhone...

Frostworks on trees...

Absolutely no wind... 9 am...

Snowmobile tracks ...
Like walking on the road....

Out walking on the river...
Molly running loose and no one in sight...

Premium time..:O))
Life is wonderful somedays..:O))

And then back to Molly Monster!!!!

Just take a look!!!!

This is not a teeny weeny little hole...
It´s huge!!!!

What on earth have gotten into her...
or her love of fluffy stuffing...  Grrr..
Being a retriever.. I know they do love to chew.. 
and Molly she loves to chew...

She´s been put on a allergy diet...
and this means ...
Nothing except her allergy food
through her mouth...
no chewing bones... 
for 8 weeks...

no fun at all...
and then she gets this idea!!

And this she did on just 3 minutes!!!
Holy cow!

So dear friends..
Get me ideas on how to mend this one...
No use in trying to restore it in its original shape...
My mind have been playing with ...
some kind of....
MOLLY DID THIS theme...;O))

Poor Viktor... it´s his fav quilt!!

So IDEAS please..:O))

Have a cold to recover from...
otherwise days are ...
so so... not bad but not super duper...
see you!!

Take care..


  1. Molly looks so sweet and innocent ! Awwww.

    Those are lovely photos! Just gorgeous.

    How are you feeling these days? Been thinking of you .

  2. Jag vet, jag vet, du får applicera en vovve över hålet!
    Lyckans er som har solsken och därmed får så vackra vinterbilder.

  3. The pictures are so beautiful...I love the first one! I heard that Labs love to chew too...poor Molly...she didn't mean to chew Viktor's quilt. Maybe you could applique a Molly on that remember it;0)

  4. So sorry! Vilka underbara vinterbilder! Det är vackert även om det är kallt!
    Hide all your quilts for Molly!

  5. Unnskyld at jeg ler :) Min venninne Irene har også en retriver og den har nok gjort omtrent det samme. Hun hadde kjøpt inn masse vatt til et teppe og der forsvant (dvs ble spist opp) en STOR del midt på vatten LOL Du må bare prøve å sette inn en ny rute der Molly har spist. Eller rett og slett applikere noe over stedet. Det kan jo egentlig bli et morsomt minne dette.

  6. My daughters name is Molly and I used to call her Molly Monster. Thanks for that memory! Sorry about the quilt, I don't know what you could do.

  7. Oh that naughty, naughty Molly. Methinks Viktor is going to need a new quilt. Perhaps you can take pieces out and make a kind of jigsaw?!! Don't really know what I mean by that but I will give it some thought now that it has entered my head. Love the icy photo's. Hope the cold is soon on the mend.

  8. She's naughty, but so cute :) I would applique a patch in a color that matches the quilt. It's kind of charming to keep the memory of her puppy mischief. I have a lovely chair that has a foot that has been gnawed away - a little reminder of my dog's puppy days!

  9. I would do the patch, like Pink Fawn said..and then embroider Molly did this or something... I am sorry this happened! Good thing Molly is L♥ved!!

  10. Gosh but winter is just gorgeous sometimes. Beautiful photos. :) You could stitch the words "Molly's first quilt project" on a bit of patchwork, add some more batting and a backing patch and sew all of it right over the chewed parts. This too will be a fond memory one day. :) Been there...unfortunately!

  11. Your photos are beautiful but I can't even imagine that cold temperature except if I put my head in the freezer.
    Whoops Molly, she really must miss chewing, how naughty. I was going to suggest a patch that has a molly dog on it or a patch that says "bad dog"

  12. Oh dear!!
    I like the idea of a big patch with 'Blame Molly ' or something similar embroidered onto it.

  13. Oh Stina! Sorry to hear about the've got some good suggestions from the comments above...hope you'll keep us posted how you fix it.

    Lovely snowy pictures...I see winter isn't quite done in your part of the world.

  14. Oh Dear! Naughty, naughty Mollie! I like your idea -- just put a big patch on it with a Molly explanation!

  15. Oh I don't think Molly is naughty at all, just being "doggy" ;-) And just one quilt? Nahhh, that's nothing LOL, I'm going to send you a pic privately of true disaster :-o I wrote about it on my blog, but never posted a pic - just to ...embarrassed?
    A Viktor approved applique over the whole and stuff batting in from behind and close with an applique from the teddy fleece on the back???
    Big Hugs!

  16. Doesn't Molly look the picture of innocence sitting there. Who me? I'm not sure how I would approach fixing the hole. What a pity. By the way, although I know you dislike the cold dark winter, it truly is stunning when you see scenes like you have shared today. Just so very different from our winter.

  17. Lovely frosty snaps. It must be in the name my Molly is naughty also.

  18. It's just a loving act !! Molly loves this quilt too !!
    Your pictures are splendid !!
    Have a good week !

  19. Jag har inte glömt bort dig! Ringer på torsdag kväll.

  20. Grattis i efterskott.Hoppas du har det bra.
    Kramar Britt-Inger

  21. A big tire patch applique - looks like a blowout on the tire of that truck - totally could not have been the dogs fault? :) sorry for the quilt but love the winter pics!

  22. I feel like crying.. can't believe it
    your blog head let us know you are coming into spring :)
    olivia will love the ice pictures!!
    take care

  23. I think you need to make a black dog biting the rear tire! Molly got a car! You will need to stitch in the batting patch, then the back, then the front.I wonder if you could do prequilted three layer patch that you put in? I would probably do the separate layers. It is a really cute quilt. The pictures are lovely.

  24. a dog bisquit, dog teeth, and lips where the gaping hole is now.
    Maybe a stitched note "Molly's nibbles" or "Molly ate here" Have some fun with it.
    Or if you do not feel comfortable drawing/creating teeth, what is mollys favorite toy, you could put your created version of her toy there.
    Good luck...K



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