October 2, 2012

No reply

Totally annoyed today!!!
Even a little angry...
Don't like not having things to work...
Like they should...

Today it's no replies!!!!

When are Blogger/Google+ going to do something
about this!!

When going over to new blogger and google+ 
All this started...
(After a while)
My email was no longer visible and became 
set as a no reply account

Thanks to Christine at Aunties quaint quilts 
I was alerted to this...

So I googled around because this is a little bit tricky
to find out ...
"what to do about this then"
Nothing on Bloggers help page...
and nothing on Google+ either

Found a great tutorial here:
Did the said things...

And all worked as a charm again...

Until now again...

So thanks again Christine for alerting me again!!!

So I did the whole thing again...reverted to old blogger, 
checked that little box again...show email...
and back to google+ again...

Now it works again...
But don't know for how long...

So has anyone any other solution or know something
that will enlighten me in all this...
So PLEASE share the news!!!!

So friends...lets help each others to know 
when things aren't working with our blogs...

If I find out someone is no reply I use to write and say it
if I can't come into contact with someone..
I will use my comments and reply directly 
to the person who commented

Hello world...remember to 



  1. I understand your frustration - Blogger can be very annoying some times and he seems to provide different problems to different people. Pleased to hear you know how to sort it out when it happens. Love that motto!

  2. I'm sorry Blogger is acting up for you. I don't have a Google + account so don't know about that. I'm not having problems with Blogger...at least I don't think I am. Hope it gets fixed soon. Take care,

  3. Hei Stina.
    Adressen i "boksen" står med no reply, men jeg fant email adressen din på kontakt siden.
    Jeg vet ikke hva du kan gjøre, er litt forvirra selv :)
    Det er kjekt å høre fra deg igjen.

  4. Grr, gnash, gnash of teeth, naughty blogger. Hope you had a cup of camomile tea and are now calm. I like that saying and it is so true, it is the best medicine.

  5. When I comment on a blog, I don't expect a reply - BTW, I don't leave negative comments. I don't have a blog, so don't know your frustrations. I did want to let you know that I really like the saying at the end of your post today. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi cindy...
      I love to write back to my commenters...because I see them like my friends...I have my blog because of learning to know others like me who share the same interest as I have...so not commenting or writing back doesn't exist in my world...:0) that is why I am so frustrated... I can't be in contact with my friends!!!

  6. Amen !!!
    Thanks to blogging friends to tell when there is a problem !!! we couldn't know if something goes wrong !!
    Now you have your smile back !!

  7. I love repling to all the people who leave comments...sometimes this bloggong can be so frustrating...but wonderful at the same time! Have a great day!!

  8. i just did that sunday. it's fixed for right now



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