January 8, 2013

Gift for Louise...

This year I actually got something made for some of my friends...
hooray to me...:0)
Well..have to confess I took an easy way out this year on two of them...
found two started projects that was intended for
Louise and Marica two years ago!!!!!
So with some willpower I dusted my machine off and finished them!!

...This one I made for Louise...

The pattern is from a Chestnut Junction stitchery...
Love them...very fun and easy...

And random piecing around the stitchery...

just as I like... adding one piece after another...

And every time when I'm finished... I want to keep it..lol..
And says to myself..
Stina.. You have to make one for yourself too...:0)
Maybe I will ...
have a whole year until next Christmas...haven't I???

...Love always...



  1. Well this year Stina you make one for yourself, that's the ME for 2013 and then make one for your firends!

  2. wonderful gifts from you as always :) Love the color you have done for Louise..Bright and shiny :)


  3. You definitely HAVE to make that one for yourself. Agree with Jo above. I am sure Louise loved it even more because of the wait and the effort it took. I am proud of you.x

  4. That is such a gorgeous little stitchery. i love how you have quilted it like a quilt.

  5. Stina, du gör så underbara saker.Hoppas detta år blir ett kreativt syår för dig.
    Klart att du skall ha en själv.
    Kram från Gudrun

  6. Lovely stitchery and it is beautifully quilted! I think you should definitely make one for yourself too!

  7. Beautiful, Stina. I love your quilting .. so clever.

  8. I love it! What a sweet gift for your friends.

  9. Hola Stina , usted hace como yo ¡¡todos primero yo la ultima¡¡ yo creo que deberiamos cambiar, yo no tengo blog así es que aqui le dejo mis comentarios , me engancho a su blog un tutorial de corazones con hojas de libro,y me gustan sus labores. Pilar.

  10. I like the stitchery design. And the way you used the different fabrics around the border. Creative, Stina and well done.

  11. I don't blame you for wanting to keep it for yourself - it's beautiful.

  12. Den är ljuvlig, Stina!! Helt underbar!!

  13. Wonderful gifts for your friends!
    Happy New Year, Stina!


  14. That's adorable Stina -- I love the patchy border too!

  15. Yes, I do love it! It's going to stay up on the wall even after Christmas. So pretty! Thanks!

  16. They are both SO SO SO SO cute!!!!! Noticed the little label with our name printed on. Is there some place to buy these or have you made them yourself???

  17. What a lovely gift. It is always nice to finish something and then not want to give it away, I think it means it is perfect.



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