Sunday, December 6, 2009

Second Advent...

and I have had my Mum here for a visit...
guess what no xray ... just another examination at the hospital...
where they said that the muscle was damaged and probably
will need a surgery to be ok...

So a new appointment must be scheduled
hope brother can help out with the cows again...

The week flew to fast ...
as always... just work..and work...
On Monday I got two more packages in the mail...
One from May Britt...

Lovely lace and pink buttons....
Love them...:o)

And packages from Louise... :o)

Ohhh.. this is so fun...
Lovely scented candle and a beautiful matchbox....

Thankyou Girls!!!!

On the weekend  and on Monday I worked like a maniac.. and I really thought
I was going to make the deadline for the Schnibble  of November...
But NAH...
I didn´t... :o)

This time I worked with old Swedish repro fabrics...
probably from the 70´
I like them a lot..even if they are not the kind of fabrics and
colour scale I use to work with...
Some fabrics is from my Grandmother...
some from work and some I have bought...
Hope to finish this top now in December...

Today It was the second Advent..
and that means...
Package Opening!!!!!

Oh.. so pretty gifts I have received...
I love them all...
Buttons...fabrics... cute little box and a  pink heart clamp...
I think these friends know what I love...
Thank you All
  Hanne, May Britt, Marica and Louise!!!!

And guess what.. this was my 300 rd post..
and Im working on a little surprise for someone...
Dont know when it will be finished...
hopefully soon...
Have a good week all..
see you soon!!


  1. Hi Stina!!
    Your Schnibble is adorable...just popped in quickly to say hello! I love your collage of photos!!

  2. Wow 300 posts! and I've just clocked over 200. Gorgeous gifts you've received too, I just love xmas.

  3. Your Schnibbles project looks great! That's such a sweet pattern! Congrats on your 300th post! :0)

  4. You are one lucky gal to have such great friends! Your Schnibble blocks are looking wonderful, too.

  5. Lots of lovliness for you in your advent calendars!

  6. I love seeing all your wonderful advent gifts. I feel like I'm there with you.

    The retro Swedish fabrics are gorgeous and your quilt will be awesome when it's finished. It looks so crisp and colorful.

  7. Looks like Christmas at your house with all the gifts you are getting. How fun to open them up.
    300 posts, Wow.
    Is that hospital exam you or your mom? Hope you are both well either way. Take care.

  8. cute advent gifts...and 300 posts...fabulous!! have a wonderful week......!

  9. Congratulations on 300 posts!
    You get such fun gifts from so many people. Guess you have been a very good girl this year.

  10. Wonderful Advent your Schnibbles quilt too...we are going to have a drawing at the end for everyone who finished all of the quilts...even if they were that's a great incentive to keep going!

  11. Hi Stina !!!!
    Happy Advent for you!!!
    I just can't believe I get to be the first to comment on this post ! I guess everyone is participating in SMS Giveaways, I have a giveaway also!
    Ohhhh, I LOVED all of your gifties !!! You have a great selection there and such great friends to share Advent with!!
    I hope your mother is OK and getting well soon !!!

  12. What wonderful gifties you've received Stina! And I love your Schnibbles quilt -- too cute!

  13. Advent time is so cozy and warm. Full of expectations and love. Have a nice day and enjoy your gifts.

  14. Very lovely gifties. Hope your Mom is going to be okay! And I know... before you know it, Christmas will be here. It goes so fast!

  15. What lovely things you have been making and receiving. I hope you are having a lovely second week of advent. We had chocolate to celebrate St Nick's Day with Hungarian guests on the 6th.

  16. congrats on your 300th post.. I love your schnibble quilt.. so happy and fresh looking!

    take care


  17. Congrats to you 300th post :) And you got wonderful gift and I hope you save you fabrics from me because I think I had switch numbers of two packages :(

  18. Love your Schnibble. And all the pressies look like tons of fun.

  19. Hello Stina, congratulations on your 300th post....thoroughly enjoyed your many surprises for you....hugs lyn

  20. Was reading here..
    Just want to leave a note that I loved your " Schnibble " and with you a peacefull Xmass.

  21. Å så flott teppet ditt blir. Hærlige rene farver, dette likte jeg godt ! Håper det vil gå bra med mamma'en din, også :o) Koseligt innlegg, jeg får lyst til å feire mere advent.....leeenge ...
    Nesten litt synd at jula setter en stopper på

  22. Sounds like gifts of friendship and gifts from friends has lightened your mood and brightened your days...wonderful! Scnibble is adorable, fabric selection is spot on. This accomplishment has got to bring a smile to your face!

    Hope Mom is soon on the mend. Please wish her well and a speedy recovery. Hope your brother can step in to help with the cows to lessen worries for your parents.

  23. congratulations on post number 300 Stina! Your schnibbles quilt is very pretty, the fabrics look really nice together. Hope your Mom is feeling better.

  24. Love your Schnibble quilt. Have you had a chance to finish it yet? I enjoy the Schnibble parades over at Sherri's blog.



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