Sunday, December 13, 2009

Third Advent....

and I had one more wonderful morning opening packages from my friends...

A Lovely red Heart for is so pretty...
Thank you Louise...

May Britt...
How could you know I needed one of theses pens???

Thank you so much... May Britt!

And when I opened this one.. I thought....
Wow.. . I could have blown my nose with style if I had
had it at the beginning of the

But on the other hand...
they are to pretty to use..;o)

Thanks Hanne..
will keep them in my bag.. for emergencies...:o)

And Marica..
what a gift today... Love it....

A pincushion to match my scissor case from first Sunday...and pins....
and a lovely little kit to make a gorgeous bag...
and she even printed out a lovely old photo for me...
Think she knows me too well.. this way ...maybe it wont be placed in my drawer for pretty things... with things I cant decide on to do with..:o)
Thank you Marica....

Ahhh.. have I told you..
This is fun..:o)
Have a wonderful week all..
Back to work tomorrow...
still got the cold... but work is waiting...


  1. Glad att du gillar dina gåvor för det är inte lätt att ge någon som har allt ;-) Men som du kanske förstår är det tänkt att tygerna som du fick förra helgen ska användas till detta som du fick i dag...Som sagt det blev lite fel i ordningen för dig, men en virrpanna som jag så är det inte konstigt att jag blandade ihop paketen *s*

    Kram Marica

  2. Stina, What lovely gifts and wonderful friends. I do hope you feel better tomorrow. Don't wear yourself out, stay healthy!

  3. These are wonderful gifts Stina! Enjoy....
    Keep toasty on your way to work tomorrow!

  4. More lovely goodies. It feels like Christmas morning watching you open your gifts.

    Enjoy them all and take care of your cold.

  5. You're not having a very good time at the moment, get better soon. I love all your advent gifts, what a lot of fun.

  6. Hey Stina...what great gifts...but I really like those tissues...and yes you would have blown your nose in style LOL♥x

  7. What lovely treasures from treasured friends.

    I hope you are recovered now Stina. Isn't this a lovely time of the year.

  8. Lovely gifts you must have been very nice. :)

  9. You are getting to open the greatest things from all your wonderful friends. I know you are having fun.

  10. Finally getting caught up *s* Looks like you are enjoying the season to its fullest . . . . love the snowflakes.



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