September 25, 2010

Second pink surprise...

.. sorry ... it took some days.. 
tomorrow sure flew by..:O))
hope I haven't kept you waiting too

One day I had a wonderful email in my inbox... 

Rosalie Quinlan...

asking if I wanted to make something from this 
wonderful wonderful 
new Fabric Line of hers....
"Sweet Broderie"
And this pink loveliness came !!!!!
Do you think I was excited.. oh YES!!!!
And then it hit me.. what if I cant come up with something.. 
Blackout or just blah blah... nothing at all...

Well well.. I just have to let them sit on my bench and I will pat them now and then... 
and one day I will know..:O))

And they are so pretty.. 
I just cant wait until they are out in the stores...
have to buy  all the others.:O))
Sweet yellows...
More blues.. and  greens.. and checks and  ahhh.. you know the
Take a look on Rosies Blog to see them all!!!


Ok.. before you all drool all over the beautiful fabrics... :O))
from the prettiest to the ugliest ever!!!! 
Got you there... didnt I?? :o)
Was up early this morning.. took out pencil and block and started to draw...

This will be a challenge to turn this to something useful and pretty...
so this is what I am doing today!!!
WOOL.. and applique and stitchery...

Wish me luck..:O))


  1. Good luck with the yuck!
    Love your new pink fabrics...once you get a chance to visit with them, they will give you wonderful inspiration and I just know you will turn them into something fabulous!

  2. I know you will come up with something quite wonderful!

  3. All that pink yumminess(is that a word?)has me drooling. I am excited for you. I am sure that you will transform the plain fabric into something quite beautiful. I think your needle is really a magic wand.
    Love Shirley.

  4. I know you - you'll turn that YUCK into a real BEAUTY! Can't wait to see!

    Those fabrics are perfect for you - have fun. You'll suddenly be inpsired to make something.

  5. Hej Sweetie!
    Ha, you're a celeb quilting blogger now, aren't you? Rosie did choose well to send you her more than yummy fabrics! They are adorably cute - I can't wait for them to be available...and I can't wait what you'll come up with for them!
    My fringers are crossed for your beautiful wool :)...when you're finished you could teach a workshop "how to beautify your uglies"...heeheee...but...I'm sure it isn't too just need some color...
    Hugs, Julia

  6. What gorgeous fabrics to play with! I can't wait to see what you come up with...

  7. Love your new fabrics,they`re lovely to play with.I`m excited for you.

    Good luck with yuck.

  8. hi stina!!!
    I'm sooo sorry I have been so absent here :( have missed a lot of nice things
    but i'm working a lot, and when I have a free time, I sleep and sleep and sleep
    lovely the pics of your family and the potatoes
    and all the pink fabrics.. so spring..!
    and the yuck.. I'm not sure what are you planning but it has so much the colours of the nature, earth, trees.. it is inspiring yet
    send you a big big kiss, and don't worry about the pif!! it will come the time to exchange!!

  9. Wow, Rosalie Quinlan.... Congrats!!!
    Pretty fabrics, can't wait to see what you will come up with. Fun!!!

  10. Gorgeous fabrics! I'm a Pink Girl and I'm sure you will have a lot of fun!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  11. Wow, Rosalie Quinlan-tyger! Och i rosa, som jag bara älskar! Ska bli jättekul att se vad som värker fram ur detta "karamell-paket". Så klappa lite på dem då och då så vet jag att du, som vanligt, kommer att skapa någonting enastående. Längtar efter att få se vad som kommer ut av det!

  12. Hi Stina,
    Oh wow, aren't they lovely fabrics??!!
    Love the pink too.
    Can't wait to see what you do xx

  13. The fabrics are wonderful, I know you'll come up with something great and with the felted piece too.

  14. What a pretty line of fabric and PINK too! Just perfect for you. I'm sure you will come up with something very lovely!

  15. I am sure you will make something wonderful out of these georgious fabrics. It is your colours, so this will be a peace of cake for you :)

  16. You are a lucky girl to get a those fabrics from Rosalie. Looking forward to see what you made of this Yuck.

  17. Your new fabrics are so, so pretty:) I am sure you will put them to a good use:))

  18. Good luck with the yuck ;o)
    Lucky girl, your new fabrics are just GORGEOUS!!! Hope they are hitting the stores in Norway soon!!! Cannot wait to see what you are going to make of them! You'll make it ;-) Don't worry. You do such beautiful stuff, Stina. ENJOY!!!
    Have a great and creative week,



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